Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun With Pixels

In my Communications Technology class, we've been learning a "bit" about pixels.  I was surprised to find only one pixel joke on the internet, so here are some cheesy pixel jokes to share with your nerdier (or, as I like to say, more tech savvy)  friends this holiday season.

A pixel walked into a bar... Just kidding... Pixels can't walk...

What's the difference between a pixel and you?  A pixel is more complex.

My pixel has more depth than your pixel.

I trained my pixels to understand binary code.

You're so intellectually underdeveloped, a pixel could beat you at chess.

My pixels rebelled and made all of my Facebook pictures look fat.

I think we're going a little overboard with the "Go Green" thing.  The other day when I was working in Photoshop, all of my pixels turned black and refused to change color except for a moment when they informed me that they were "preserving light energy".

    That's all for now.  I'm proud to add seven more pixel jokes to the world's vast collection.

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